Discovery Partnerships with Academia (DPAc)

Meet the DPAc team.

Through DPAc, you have access to both world-class discovery scientists and the broader resources and capabilities of a leading pharmaceutical company.

The DPAc team is comprised of leading GSK scientists with a broad range of backgrounds across numerous therapeutic areas and drug target classes. With expertise in target validation, hit identification and lead optimization as well as chemical biology, molecular pharmacology and medicinal chemistry, the team is well equipped to face the challenges of preclinical drug discovery. We have a strong track record of scientific publications in leading journals, have worked to progress several compounds into clinical development and hold numerous patents.

Additionally, the DPAc team has access to the vast R&D resources of the broader GSK organization, including the proprietary screening collection, biological reagent and assay development, clinical trial design and execution, regulatory affairs, large scale drug synthesis, and safety assessment, to name but a few.